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Tug Jobs Review

TugJobs Trial Review

Tug Jobs Membership Trial Review

Tug Jobs is now offering a limited trial which is a great way to try the site before signing up for a full membership.

2 day trial = $1.00 (no rebill)

Tugjobs Trial

There are very few websites out there that depict sex in its true essence, like a good ol’ fashioned and sloppy hand job. Tug Jobs is a website that can actually be shown to chicks so that they finally know how to milk a man’s pulsing cock. The term TugJobs doesn’t signify any tugs at all; in fact, all you’ll see here are strokes and caresses of sexual nature, over and over again. Ahh, sometimes it’s even enough to just think about it.

There are a lot of beautiful girls featured here with huge dicks inside their mouths, pussies and their soft and tender hands. These chicks really know how to make hot dudes blow their load, and Tug Jobs has already been added to my favorite porn websites.

There are around 536 videos here that can be streamed online in the website’s embedded player, or downloaded in full length. You can enjoy these videos in mp4 formats, and some of the latest stuff also comes in HD options. Even though some of the older productions aren’t that impressive, the new updates keep getting hotter and hotter each time. There are image galleries that contain around 200 HD and low-resolution images for you to downloaded, and a unique feature offered at Tug Jobs is the fact that you can download the videos in the form of a zip folder as well, which proves to be much faster. Can Tug Jobs get any better?

Most of the content on the site is shot in POV, which creates a very virtual effect of getting a real handjob. The girls are all gorgeous and their assets are even lovelier than them. You’ll love seeing these little freaks getting down and dirty as they squeeze and stroke on huge hard cocks before the cocks unload. Some of the hottest chicks on the website to look out for are Isabella, Susan, Alissa, Karma and Hannah.

April 24th was the date of the last update but the selection of videos on the Tugjobs website is pretty wide in terms of variety. You will find all kinds of hot girls in these videos, so that you find ones that get you in the mood. Some of these minxes are great at dirty talking, and even their sexy voices are fully capable of giving you a hard on (I kid you NOT). When you purchase your membership to Tugjobs, you gain free access to other websites from the BangBros Network like Monsters of Cock, Bang Bus and Big Mouthfuls, and all these wank websites have something unique and highly stimulating to offer. Review Summary

BangBros has done a great job at creating a network that delivers hardcore sex scenes that will surely give you sexy ideas. The users can navigate without hassle, download HD movies and images, rate the content, post comments and use tags to search for options, and all that makes up for a pretty complete porn network. A membership to Tug Jobs can, in fact, never be a bad idea.

DDF Network Review

DDFnetwork Trial Review

DDF Network Membership Trial Review

DDF Network porn site is now offering a limited trial which is a great way to try the site before signing up for a full membership.

2 day trial = $1.00 (no rebill)

DDFNetwork Trial

DDF Network is “The European” porn network. Voted, and for a good reason, the best porn network in the world, this site gives you access to all the best european porn. The home page is astonishing. All the last updates listed with what is not a preview, it’s a real ad. Amazing.

DDF Network is highly rated by sites like RabbitsReviews, ThBestPorn, and DDFNetreview. These guys are the experts when it comes to DDF so it’s worth listening to what they have to say. For example, in this recent DDF Network review the reviewer speaks very highly of this network and calls it “the best network we’ve tried in years”.

DDF Network has a big variety of videos in its offer and covers a lot of genres, with some niche touched as well. There are a lot of sex toys, there is fetish, and there are all the standard categories you might like, such as lesbian, big boobs, threesome and more. The girls are outstanding! A huge amount of eastern european, but every kind of hot gal is present in the database, which includes 2200+ hotties. There are smocking hot teens, as well as sexy and experienced MILFs. All of them have one single desire in mind: being fucked hard till they can’t stand it anymore.

DDF Network offers you 13000+ videos of about 20min each, and 1,500,000+ pictures, everything in a Full HD quality. You can stream or download them, choosing among the many different quality formats available: Windows (1920×1080; 8100k), Windows (1920×1080; 16000k), MOV (1280×720; 4093k), MP4 (1280×720; 4000k), Flash (960×540; 2000k; streaming), AVI (672×378; 2000k), MPEG (448×256; 1160k).

There are also 14300+ sets of pictures, which will show you all the babes in their best naughty poses. You can watch the photos on the site, or download them in better quality in a .zip file, containing the entire set.

To enjoy all the contents of the site, you have to subscribe for a membership. It is a little bit more expensive than usual, but trust me, it is totally worthy. A monthly membership is 44.99$, but if you decide to commit for longer you can have a 3 months subscription at $29.98/ month, or a year long one at $6.99 / month. A 2 days trial is also available at 1$.

The membership to the DDF Network gives you access to all its website. You will be able to access Hot Legs and Feet, the perfect site for all those people who go crazy for a long pair of legs embraced by a nice black pair of stockings. For example. Only BlowJobs is another site I am sure you will enjoy. The gals on this videos want only one thing: a big cock in their mouth. There is so much sucking and licking that you will be fed up with it. No, just joking. Girls on Girls, EuroTeen Erotica and Horny MILFs are other examples of what you can find on this incredible Network. Review Summary

DDF Network seriously gives you access to the best material you can find on the net. The quality of the video is amazing and the amount of movies you can find will never leave you without material. There are two new videos updated every day, and it’s a good thing that there is no download limit, or you would not be able to keep the pace.

Mommy Got Boobs Review

Mommy Got Boobs Trial Review

Mommy Got Boobs Membership Trial Review

MommyGotBoobs porn site is now offering a limited trial which is a great way to try the site before signing up for a full membership.

2 day trial = $1.00 (no rebill)

Mommy Got Boobs

This is an updated Mommy Got Boobs review. The name itself gives you an idea of what to expect from the site. If you are looking for big boobs of MILFs, then no other site will provide you with better content than Mommy Got Boobs. This amazing website is a member of Brazzers network and they have been in action since November 2005. You will be surprised to see some of the youngest looking MILFs showcasing in the videos. Here you will find mommies who are really hot and sexy. They have made sure that the members get to see big and tight boobs of the yummy mommies while they are performing the hardcore act.

When you are linked to Brazzers network, then you cannot help, but come up with exclusive videos to keep up with the reputation of the decade-old network and a network that’s been called one of the best networks ever by Mommy Got Boobs live up to the expectation and delivers some of the best busts in the porn industry. These big busted MILFs are involved in some intense hardcore action. They prefer weekly updates and you will find at least one fresh new scene every time. There have followed this weekly update regime right from its inception and has been doing so since inception.

The content of the site is exclusive and of high quality. You can download and stream then in HD quality. At the moment, they are going strong with more than 500 videos to explore and the same number of photo sets of the busty MILFs. As the site is still growing, therefore you can expect that the big boobs will get even bigger and better in the future.

If you are thinking of downloading a video, then you can do that in various formats like MPEG4, WMV, PSP or iPod optimized format and even the MPEG1 format is also available. The file size is also mentioned while downloading and that gives you an idea of the space it will occupy. In case you are running out of space, then you can download the video clips of 5 minutes or 1-minute duration.

You can go through the standard thumbnail or you can opt for the slideshow to relax and enjoy the action. The act includes blowjobs, pussy fucking, anal, pussy licking, etc. involving a boy and a girl and plenty of FFM as well.

Your MommyGotBoobs’ membership will earn you access to Brazzers network, so if you have had enough of big boobs, then you can move to some other niche for a while. Apart from this, the members can also enjoy live feeds as well.

If you are thinking about going through a trial first, then after that the membership becomes an expensive affair and will cost you around $40. Overview

Some of the horny big breasted mommies are waiting to get fucked up and if you want to witness them in the action, then Mommy Got Boobs is the perfect place to be in. If you are a fan of big breasts and hardcore action, then you cannot afford to miss out on this site.

Naughty Americans Review

Naughty Americans Trial Review

Naughty Americans Membership Trial Review

Naughty Americans porn site is now offering a limited trial which is a great way to try the site before signing up for a full membership.

3 day trial = $1.95 (no rebill)

Naughty Americans Trial

Naughty Americans is a website which offers exactly what its name states: incredibly hot simple american girls who just love being banged by muscly guys with massive cocks. So, if you don’t mind the fact that, unluckily, is not possible to download material from this website, you should totally go and check it out. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see a gorgeous hottie’s ass being pounded hard by a random guy who just decided she deserved it.

Opening the homepage of NaughtyAmericans, you’ll have immediately clear what you can choose from: not very high quality, but well shot 61+ videos, all available in streaming and long 29min in average. Sets of naughty pictures of the porn stars are available as well.

The quality is still not very high, but the pictures can be pretty sharp anyway. A negative note is the fact that it’s not possible to download an entire set of pictures at a time, so you’ll be “forced” to look through all of them and select one by one the nastiest pose you’d like to download on your computer. The movies on all star young hot american chicks who are being fucked, giving blowjobs, receiving cum all over their body and most of all enjoying it all.

To be able to see the contents of the website, you have to pay a monthly fee of 17,95$, but for 1,95$ you can have a 3days trial membership, to decide if to invest more money or not. With the membership you’ll have access only to the contents of the website, which, unlike a lot of other small ones, doesn’t offer any extra feature to compensate what’s missing in the website itself.

Another negative aspect is the fact that the last update has been released in October ’13, and a new one isn’t expected to be coming out soon. Which is a real shame, because the material quality is very high and offer a lot of scenes which could satisfy the pickiest users.

Unluckily there is not much we can do about it. A short membership might be enough if you still want to enjoy the contents of the website, which is for sure worth a deep look. Remember that it’s not possible to download the contents and so you will always need to have time and a good connection, so to be able to watch the contents in streaming. Overview

Naughty Americans is a little nice website which shows you how naughty those young hotties can be if they just want to. So why not give it a try, you might enjoy those threesomes and lesbian scenes, often in the same video, or that mate, whose biceps can’t quite fit inside the t-shirt, whose only desire is to rip the hot chick’s school uniform off and put his massive erection in place of her knickers. Just give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

New Sensations Review

NewSensations Trial Review

New Sensations Membership Trial Review

New Sensations porn site is now offering a limited trial which is a great way to try the site before signing up for a full membership.

3 day trial = $4.95 (no rebill)

NewSensations Trial

New Sensations started its journey way back in 1993 and since then they have been going strong. Innumerable awards, acclaims and accolades prove that they are taking their business seriously. It’s home to more than 10 sites at present and all of them belong to a different niche.

This more than a decade-long network has set the bar quite high. The movie downloads are of high quality. The member’s area is professionally designed and free of any unwanted junk. Now when they are in this adult entertainment business for such a long period they will definitely have a huge archive to boast about and as a porn fan, it will be a delight for you to go through all of them. The picture quality will vary because of the obvious reasons, but the content will not disappoint you at all.

Once you are a member of NewSensations, you will have access to all the sites that covers over 1500 videos and a gallery filled with more than 5000 images. The movie can be downloaded in multiple formats. You can download them in Windows Media Format or Flash or in MP4 format. The images can also be downloaded in Zip files, so now you can keep all your favourite pictures in one place and view them whenever you feel like doing so.

New Sensations is home to busty vixens as well as fresh amateurs. The amateurs will get you with their hot and nasty scenes whereas the amateurs will lure you with their assets. This mega site has other porn sites in its closet and some of the well-known sites are Jizz Bomb, Four Finger Club, Heavy Handful, Fresh Outta High School, etc. If you are fond of some hot porn star, then chances are that they are acting it out in one of the videos.

Apart from the hugely experienced, you will find debutantes as well. New Sensations provide a right mix of experienced and novice. Depending on your preference, you can either go for the experienced one or the amateur sex scenes.

The videos are now of 1080p full HD, so now you can watch the aggressive sex scenes without any problem. The crystal clear picture ensures that you do not miss out on a single move and get to see each and every move of these hot porn stars in detail.

The advanced search option helps you in zeroing down to the content that you want to watch. All the scenes are tagged properly and are cross-linked, helping you in browsing them quite easily saving you a lot of time. When you are in the site you won’t have to waste time hovering around several things to find the ones you like, instead, they have made the browsing so easy that you will be able to head straight towards it without any problem.

Weekly updates keep the interest growing among the members. Several videos along with pictures and full DVDs are uploaded for the members. The exclusive scenes make sure that they are serving their members with fresh contents and nothing that they have already seen somewhere else.

The main content was that of boy and girl action and lesbian act, but nowadays you will find several other niches as well. You will definitely find something new almost every day in one of the 11 sites that are there under the New Sensation’s wings.

Streaming quality is great and the model info provided makes for a great read. If you have liked some model, then the model bio will give you the detailed information about her.

When you have scenes from the past, it is quite obvious that the quality will not be at par with the newer ones and New Sensations is not an exception in this as well. They have archived some of the sites as they are no longer updating, but as a member, you will have access to these sites. The ads in the member’s area are a bit annoying as it feels they are taking up some precious place. Overview

It has proved its mettle by standing the test of time and entertaining the world with a huge number of adult contents. They have improved, reinvented and has consistently delivered the best and highly entertaining scenes till date. So, there is no way you are going to miss this gem.